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Hi, I’m Anneka, I live in Belton near to Great Yarmouth.

I’m married and a mum with 3 children.
I spend my spare time as a volunteer at a local youth group, and I also help with the local Sunday children’s group.
I am sure you can imagine that fitting everything in can be quite hectic with a young family anyway without any extra work on top.
I’ve had an assortment of jobs but my passion has always been to run my own business.

* I help women feel their most beautiful,
* Provide essentials for all the family,
* Sell incredible products (which I love using myself) at great prices,
* I have a business that makes me feel confident about myself every day.

Do you want this too?

I can help you get started as an Independent Avon Representative or a Viva MK Distributor!
Whether you want to just offer a discount to friends and family, sell online or through social media, deliver catalogues in your local area, attend local events or a mixture of the above, I will help you get started and offer support so you get what you want from this business.